Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It seems to me...

...that I have to just make the decision.
Last night my very insightful husband, me and the rest of the family were talking to my mom on speaker phone.  It was a great time....honestly it was.  Lots of giggles and ah ha!! moments that I didn't express, but the bells were going off in my body and mind.

We were talking about health and Aiden, piped in and simple stated, "Lala, just stop eating the bad stuff, it's not good for your body, you just need to stop."  Which took my mom by surprise. 

If you know nothing else about Aiden, it is that, the boy, is very opinionated.

David added, "You just have to make the decision that you want to feel better." 


Sounds simple right???  Well, really......it is (at least I hope so). 
Deep deep deep down in conscience I have not  made the decision TOTALLY to be healthier.

Yes....I do sign up and do the 5Ks. (I really like them, but I am sure I can push harder.)

Yes...I think I am making the right food choices for my health (except when I allow the burger cravings, chocolate cravings, salt cravings, pretty much anything get the best of me and I eat until I am pained...I realize that this is not good and that I need to find out what's "eating" me).

Yes...I weigh myself like I should (however, lately have been allowing the number to determine my value).

So, my intentions are great and some of my actions....but I haven't made the concrete decision to be healthier...TOTALLY.

Right now, I am trying a new food approach.  Vegetarian...I was going to do Vegan, but that is too hard for me at the moment.  I am on day 3 of this new journey and so far so good.  The family had not recognized that they have not had meat since Sunday and they don't seem to mind.

So it seems to me, that a decision to be healthier is simple, yet there are many layers to the TOTAL decision and maybe I am just at the beginning, and I don't necessarily think that is bad...you got start there anyway.
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