Thursday, October 6, 2011


A few weeks ago, I noticed a teacher friend of mine had lost what I think is a lot of weight, but really it is probably things just firming up and toned.  She looks HOT!!  But anyway...

I asked her how {of course, I had to ask.  Don't we all?}.  And she told me from a book called Run Your Butt Off by Sarah Lorge Butler with Leslie Bonci and Budd Coates.

I like running.

So I asked if I could borrow it. 

So far in my reading it all makes sense and nothing is out-landish.

I am thinking of starting a book club with this book and want to know if you want to read it with me and put it into practice. 

Make a comment below.  If I get enough people I will see if I can get a bunch on the books from the library or I am sure you can get a copy from Amazon or some other bookstore..

Who's in????  And if you don't live near by, join in the reading and I will setup a chat for us to all talk about our thoughts and feelings.
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