Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Journey 2 Fit {Day 88-90} Oh Holy S.W.E.A.T!!!

S= Sound
W= Weight loss
E= Energy Boosting
A= All Natural
T= Treatment

Yep, that's what it is!!!  Over the last 90 days, 30 of them I have dedicated to Zumba and fit2fat2fit.  In those thirty days I have done something I have never done in my life before.


In the past I have only allowed myself to get to the stage of "glistening."  Who wanted to sweat?!?!  Sure as heck not me.  I had convinced myself that sweat was not necessary for ME.  Everyone else needed it to see results, NOT ME.

So now I have been sweating daily!! And to my surprise....

I LIKE IT!!!!  A LOT!!!!!

To my understanding, sweat is the body's natural temperature control, when the body gets hot or too hot, you will SWEAT.  So in my little brain, I comprehend that to mean that, if I am sweating, I am burning something...right? 

What is that burning? 



So I will sweat some more. 

What's your S.W.E.A.T acronym breakdown?


Mom said...

S: salty
W: water
E: escaping
A: and
T: transforming (me into a more purified being) ha! ha!

I LOVE Zumba even though I have never done it with Wii. I go to the gym and shake it down with lots of other ladies (and sometimes a brave man or two) of all different ages, shapes and sizes. Whoo hoo!

Mom said...

Sorry my comment nickname is Mom and I can't figure out how to change it. This is actually Rebecca Aho and of course, I'm not your Mom. :)

nakia said...

LOL!!! Love it Rebecca!! I LOVE your breakdown. I have fell completely in love with Zumba. I love how it makes me feel and I am starting to be able to feel the benefits in my journey to run. It is all good.

nakia said...

I am so sharing your breakdown Rebecca!

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