Monday, July 11, 2011

Repurposing a Dresser

Being wrapped up in stuff really is hard and trying to see straight in a whirlwind is this weekend I stopped to see what was going on around me. 

Our family has been just steamrolling through life.  School, camps, work, activities galore and the list goes on, so when we decided to change rooms (repurposing there too) for ALL of us, I had no idea how crazy life would get.  But in the end I learned a couple of great things.

#1 Just because something wears out it's original purpose doesn't mean that it can't be GREAT as something else.

#2 A great can a spray paint can make all the difference. ;-)


A word I have all to well come to appreciate.  I have heard of recycling but in my book repurposing is not the same as the other "r" word.  I see repurposing as giving new life and new meaning to something of sentimental value.  Yes, ABSOLUTELY, the item could be something you just got from the DI, thrift store or Goodwill.  It has sentimental value because you connected with it for some reason.

With that said, I did some repurposing this weekend.  Before Aiden, Dave and I received this dresser set which included a 9-drawer dresser w/ mirror and nightstand.  It has served our family's needs for a lot of years.  When we did all of this moving around, out to the garage it went to be prepared for it's trip to the DI, when I thought what else can be done with it....

This is what happened to it....

Completed in 1 day!  I love this Ute Red!  GO UTES!!

I think the handles just make it POP!!

The pattern makes me think of India especially with the bright red.

I just love this piece now.

I totally for got to get a pic of the dresser before, but here is the nightstand....BIG improvement I think.
**UPDATE**: After posting this I went back through and read it!!  Goes to show that my brain is faster than my fingers.  Sorry for the TON of grammar errors and stuff left out.

With that said and to answer the question, "What's the new purpose?"~  TV stand, game console & accessory keeper, movie stash drawers, etc. etc. :-).

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