Friday, July 29, 2011

Have you heard of FitClick?

I will be trying this program out starting tomorrow for 60 days FIRST.  I think I will get Mr. D and "Big" A on it also.  But I will see how it works.  It seems like it is a supped up MyfitnessPal

What I have noticed so far with FitClick, is that it is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist FREE!!  You can go with the workout programs they have loaded already, and they are programs.  They just don't last for that day.  You actually have a workout you need to do that day.  This is also the same with the diet portion.  They have a plan for you to follow as well as a grocery list for you to shop with...or you can build both the way you like it.  Options galore here!

I will still have Myfitnesspal  tracker on the side so you can easily see where I'm at.

And for me they even have a vegetarian option.  Whoop Whoop!!

Like I said, I will start this tomorrow and see where it leads me.  Stay tuned.  I'm nervous...kinda like meeting a blind date for the first time, only I have done a little background check on it. :-) 

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