Moves {figure}d out

Movement is an important part of GETTING {figure}d out. 
Here you'll find my reviews of DVD's, Classes and other body movement activities, I have tried.

(Please remember, I am no professional.  This is just what I have been doing.  Make sure you check with your personal physician before trying any lifestyle, diet, health or exercise program/change.)


This one of the most impressive DVD's I have in my collection.  It works, but you do need to be committed to the 60 days.  If you can't then you are not ready for it.  This something the instructor Shaun T would and has said. 
I learned this the hard way.  Just after 15 days.  It is intense!  It is hard!  It is work!  What I like about the workout is that it is different.  You have a different DVD everyday, so no chance of getting bored.  Shaun is encouraging and pushes you.  There are NO WEIGHTS you have to have, just you!!
The program comes with everything you need to get started, a chart of daily workouts, healty nutritious recipes and of course the DVD's.  No long getting started info, because who needs that when you just want to workout.
You can purchase your copy at the Insanity Official Site.  Or if you are like me and that's a bit expensive, search the classified in your area, it seems to me that you can always find one there...I did.  Good Luck!

So for last 3-weeks I have been addicted to this "game."  When it comes to wanting to dance and bee free to just move your body.  ZUMBA has that hands down.  There is nothing close to it.  

I got the game for Christmas and can't stop.  I got the Zumba 2 and I am getting ready to borrow my mother-in-laws copy of the 1st one. 

This "game" workout is so much fun and the fact that you can do it in your own home without all the eyes makes is so convenient for the shy person.  But I like to do it with others.  The motivation to keep going helps me to keep moving.

You can purchase Zumba pretty much any where so go and get it and have fun.  I have lost 12 lbs just doing Zumba!!!  And if you can't get your hands on a Zumba game...go to youtube and check out the hundreds if not thousands of Zumba videos...I'll admit I've danced in front of my computer to a few of those.  Have Fun!!
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