Saturday, April 14, 2012

Journey 2 Fit {Day 147-161} Real life

This it!!!  Real life.  How this usually goes right? 

I have been in a rut for the last few weeks and trying really hard to get out of it.  I think it is because I am getting ready to enter a different phase of my life.

I've been in school for almost 2 years now and getting ready to graduate.  Unlike a lot of graduates, I don't plan to go out and get a job right away and I am starting to miss the life of being a college student, before I am even done.

What am I supposed to do?

I honestly think that I am supposed to now focus on my health.  My boys and I will be on summer break and during that time I know I will be doing a lot of outdoor stuff and in order for me to enjoy any of it I will need to be in even better shape.

I will do this.

Real life is where I have to live.

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