Saturday, July 30, 2011

FitClick 1/60

I made it through the 1st day.  2 THUMBS UP!!  The hardest part for me today was getting in all of the 1200-1300 calories.  I did it...went over by 33 cals.  No Biggy.

The worst part was riding the stationary bike at the gym.  The seat was hard.  The one thing I know from being overweight is that the little seats need to be a bit more comfortable.

The old saying of "No Pain, no gain" is hogwash.  From my perspective, I need to be comfortable in order to continue.  Yes, as I am consistent and as the lbs. get lost somewhere, the activity will get easier and "more comfortable", but I have to get there first.  So, I'm not sure if I will be really good at that particular activity.

I also lifted weights, upper body.  I think I will do most of those at home from now on.  It was a little time consuming and I was not home for a long time.  I do have a weight bench and set @ home.  I think that if I am at home and "they" see me doing this "they" will want to get involved also.

I do feel good, so we'll see.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Have you heard of FitClick?

I will be trying this program out starting tomorrow for 60 days FIRST.  I think I will get Mr. D and "Big" A on it also.  But I will see how it works.  It seems like it is a supped up MyfitnessPal

What I have noticed so far with FitClick, is that it is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist FREE!!  You can go with the workout programs they have loaded already, and they are programs.  They just don't last for that day.  You actually have a workout you need to do that day.  This is also the same with the diet portion.  They have a plan for you to follow as well as a grocery list for you to shop with...or you can build both the way you like it.  Options galore here!

I will still have Myfitnesspal  tracker on the side so you can easily see where I'm at.

And for me they even have a vegetarian option.  Whoop Whoop!!

Like I said, I will start this tomorrow and see where it leads me.  Stay tuned.  I'm nervous...kinda like meeting a blind date for the first time, only I have done a little background check on it. :-) 

Struggle to Move~Psych~Alarms going OFF

I have been moving around the house doing a little of this and a little of that, all the while thinking about whether to go on my 4 mile walk or hit the gym or even to workout at home on the week.

This has been my struggle.  Finding the motivation to move in heat.

It is HOT out there.  I got up late and decided to fix the fence and water the yard.  I think I was a little discouraged when I weighed myself this morning.  Still at the 240 plateau.  My goal is to be 220lbs by my birthday.  I think I can do it.

I am learning getting fit is as much mental (if not more) as it is physical.

I am thinking, why is this a struggle for me?  Why am I not able to beat this?  And now I have to worry about my son.

"Big" A just told us that he feels fat.  The kid is skinny.  He has been working out twice a day (doing INSANITY) and running 2-3 miles every day.  Now I have been finding him weighing himself 3-4 times a day.

Should I be concerned.

It makes me sad because he sees me, his overweight mom.  I struggle with this.  I feel like I am lost in all of the lbs. and now I have to help my son.  I always thought body image was a girl thing...But in my research it is rising in the boys.

God help me please.

I need a personal trainer and a nutritionist. But I don't have the $$$ they require.  How do I do this alone, so I can be successful and help my boy?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tahoe Motivation

The family and I have just returned from 6 days of BLISS in Lake Tahoe.  Never been there.  It was wonderful.  We did a lot of things I didn't think I could do because of my size, but I did them.

I hiked the Eagle Falls to an overlook bridge.  It was hard.

But the one thing I did that I haven't done in about 27 years is ride a bike.

I didn't think a bike would hold me.

But it did and  I DID IT!!  I rode a bike 10 miles up and down hills through the woods!!!  I was a little shaky at the start, but it all came back and...

I DID IT!!  For some this may not be a big deal, but when you haven't done something like that, that is so liberating and a self-esteem's a big deal.

The whole experience was motivating.  Since I have been home I have walked up hill three days so far.  I feel better and willing to accept the next challenge of wellness.

I have been denying myself great opportunities because I have been thinking that "my size" is just not appropriate for the activity.  I was wrong.

Size does matter in some cases, but not everything will only work for you if you are less than a size 6. This is something that I have had to say in my head ever since Tahoe.  There is so much for me to do that I CAN do and size does not matter. 

As a matter of fact the activities that I would like to do help in reducing size. WTH WAS I THINKING!!!

There is a whole lot I have to do...I best get started.

Slowly, but surely Getting {figure}d Out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vegetarian vs The Meat Lover {in me}

One of the things I have noticed about my own personal weight issue is that meat is not my friend.  This is a hard fact to know especially with all of the high protein and low carb diets phenomenon that is running rampant across the globe.  I have not really felt like eating a lot of meat was good for the body, but man is a nice, juicy, sizzling steak DELISH!!

So when I said to the family, "I am going vegetarian!"  I had to be prepared for the shock that overcame the household. 

It was hard at first. 


So it has been at least a couple of weeks since I started this post.  And all the while I have been weening me and the family off of the amount of meat we consume.  It hasn't been as hard as I thought.  We've cut down and I feel so much better. Little "A" as gone totally vegetarian.  I just need to make sure he gets what he needs in the vitamins and minerals area.

It has been really fun to come up with vegetarian dishes that the family likes.

Don't look at me as some crazed veggie freak.  I believe that a what a balanced diet is for one person can and is different for another.  And for me, less meat is best.

What dishes do you like and really would like to share?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Repurposing a Dresser

Being wrapped up in stuff really is hard and trying to see straight in a whirlwind is this weekend I stopped to see what was going on around me. 

Our family has been just steamrolling through life.  School, camps, work, activities galore and the list goes on, so when we decided to change rooms (repurposing there too) for ALL of us, I had no idea how crazy life would get.  But in the end I learned a couple of great things.

#1 Just because something wears out it's original purpose doesn't mean that it can't be GREAT as something else.

#2 A great can a spray paint can make all the difference. ;-)


A word I have all to well come to appreciate.  I have heard of recycling but in my book repurposing is not the same as the other "r" word.  I see repurposing as giving new life and new meaning to something of sentimental value.  Yes, ABSOLUTELY, the item could be something you just got from the DI, thrift store or Goodwill.  It has sentimental value because you connected with it for some reason.

With that said, I did some repurposing this weekend.  Before Aiden, Dave and I received this dresser set which included a 9-drawer dresser w/ mirror and nightstand.  It has served our family's needs for a lot of years.  When we did all of this moving around, out to the garage it went to be prepared for it's trip to the DI, when I thought what else can be done with it....

This is what happened to it....

Completed in 1 day!  I love this Ute Red!  GO UTES!!

I think the handles just make it POP!!

The pattern makes me think of India especially with the bright red.

I just love this piece now.

I totally for got to get a pic of the dresser before, but here is the nightstand....BIG improvement I think.
**UPDATE**: After posting this I went back through and read it!!  Goes to show that my brain is faster than my fingers.  Sorry for the TON of grammar errors and stuff left out.

With that said and to answer the question, "What's the new purpose?"~  TV stand, game console & accessory keeper, movie stash drawers, etc. etc. :-).
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