Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Day 18} Gratitude for the Support

Everyday I look to see if more people have "joined this site" to check to see how many miles I will need to do.  As I look at all those wonderful people's names and even one anonymous, it makes me get a little quiver in the lip.

Support in anything is key to much of the success.  I am so full of GRATITUDE for all of you who believe in me and support me.  I hope that what I am accomplishing here is an inspiration to all of you. 

I will support you also in your efforts.  Every single mile I  walk/run, I actually think of those people, there to the right.  For me they are saying, "Nakia, I believe in you."  I know that sounds corny but that thought keeps me taking each step.  I am especially GRATEFUL when those voices come to my mind when I really want to stop.  It helps me to keep pushing!!

Thank you!

I would love to walk more miles to say "Thanks."  So I ask you to please tell your friends and family what I am trying to accomplish here and "join this site."


caroline said...

I support you sis. Luv ya!

nakia said...

Thanks Caroline! I really appreciate it. Join the site so I can put you down for a mile. :-)

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