Sunday, November 20, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Day 16} SAD Rest Day

It's a rest day!!!  YEA!!  But I will probably do some walking on the treadmill anyway...I just gotta be ready for the 5k on Thanksgiving.  In my last post, I said I would write a little about SAD.

I was going to put it in it's on post but thought today was just as good as any so here ya go.

When I first heard the word SAD as it relates to diet, I perked up to hear the rest.  I like everyone else love a great burger and don't get me started on my addiction on a certain "golden" french fry.  I actually would go to the restaurant, buy a large fry, several days in a row and hide in my car in a church parking lot,under a cloak of darkness, where no one would see me and eat them all, so I wouldn't have to share them with my kids!!!  I am not really sure if eat is the right was something else.  I only would curb my visits down when the husband would notice that I was frequenting a certain "burger place" from the bank statements.

Now that's SAD!!!!

Over the years I have been faithful in my dedication to the S.A.D.  I have even subjected my family to it. 

So I have been doing my own research as to what S.A.D {Standard American Diet} is and what I have found has given me pause to think about what I am doing to my body and the bodies of my husband and children. 

The results of my faithfulness can be found HERE and HERE.

We spend a great deal of time talking about the obesity problem in this country and many diseases that are caused by it and some of the things we do contribute to it like eating:

•High in animal fats
•High in unhealthy fats: saturated, hydrogenated
•Low in fiber
•High in processed foods
•Low in complex carbohydrates
•Low in plant-based foods
(I found this information HERE)

Many of us are subject to this stuff, in the things we buy at the store, because these are usually the least expensive items we can find and in this economy you have to get what you can afford.  Some of us don't read labels.  I was that person.   Some of us are confused by the catch terms used on labels like, "light", "fat-free", and the infamous "reduced".  I was that person too.  But I had to learn and still am learning about food.

The one thing that I do know is that processed foods are not good for you.  I KNOW THAT!! With that little nugget of info I have really started cooking from scratch.  Learning how things are made and how I can make them better...this is not what is the norm.

But I am sure that there are ways we all an improve on the norm.  I have been trying to limit the animal fats in my families diet, making things from scratch because I know what I put into it, I have added more veggies to our meals and cut the amount of sugar and salt in those dishes. 

I am doing all I can and all I know.  And I will every once in a while enjoy a juicy burger, or some pretty delish fried orange chicken. 

It all boils down to MODERATION.

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