Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Man of Wonder and Will

Never thought that this would be the place that I would record something about my husband other than his help in getting{figure}d out with me on my health goals, but alas, I write about him.

A lot of people have trouble speaking in front of groups.  I am not one of those people.  However, you take away my native tongue, throw in a curveball of a sick child ten minutes before depature, computer network shutdown as you stand to give your presentation....

...and you have a nervous breakdown in the making.

But today I was saved.

I go blank staring at my note cards and then I look up to see him. 

My man of Wonder.

A smile as bright as the sun, holding our sick son in the back row of the classroom.  I can feel his belief in me and I see no one, but him. 

Willing me through.

I could not even say my own name, but looked up again and saw him mouthed, "Babe, you got this."

My voice cracked with each utterance, but I saw only him and I regained composure.  The presenation went on and I nailed it.

I have been blessed with a great Man of Wonder and Will.  His support and dedication to helping me reach my goals and dreams is beyond my imagination. 

But that  is and has always been the man he is.  

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