Friday, November 11, 2011

G{f}O Inspiration

There is a great paradox in life. What we SEEK is not around us but IN us! This world of contrast around us exists to EVOKE from us the pure essense of WHO we ARE, WHAT we ARE, and WHY we ARE!! Our infinite unfolding toward, and manifesting of, this truth is our Divine calling! Seek it today, express it now!

Today IS the day!! Today IS what it IS! It IS what it IS, and it's OK!! It has to be OK, becuase it's all you have!! And the truth is... You CAN get THERE from HERE. You CAN get ANYWHERE from HERE!! But you must start HERE, in your NOW, where it IS what it IS and it's OK.  NOW is your moment, THIS NOW is where your power IS, NOW is where the magic happens!!

NOW is THE moment! And NOW will always be the only MOMENT! The only MOMENT that is real, the only MOMENT that counts! People, things, and circumstances will come and go, but YOU, YOUR moment, YOUR passion, YOUR chance is just that, YOURS! No one can take it, YOU'RE the one who will make it! The moment is NOW, it's IN YOU, it IS YOU, take it, it's YOURS!! Are you trying to change something? It's really an effort in becoming!

Consider these lines of thought and action... "if I looked like I wanted, how would that feel?", and pursue that feeling and all the action and resources that align with it, from the smallest inkling you can generate NOW, to the fullest experience of it at completion. "What would I be doing?" Do it NOW even in limited ways, ev...en in your mind, read about it, move in the direction of it until life unfolds and you emerge to experience it as you want it. "How would I be acting?" Act like it NOW to the extent that you can, becuase it's IN you, it IS you, until you've become the fullest expression that you desire.

Just know this, there IS NO I'll feel this way WHEN!! I'll feel happy WHEN, I'll feel strong WHEN, I'll feel hopeful WHEN!! If you don't begin reaching for the feeling, even inklings of it, in your NOW, then you won't! And you won't get there. But you CAN get there from here if you seek, find, and nourish those seeds of possibility that ARE there if you will but look for them. The seeds that once grown connect here to there. It's here, it's in you NOW, it IS YOU!!! Again, take it, it's yours!!~ J.J.M

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