Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Journey 2 Fit (Day 4}

So today is day 4 and yesterday was not as difficult as I had planned it to be.  I was hungry a couple of times, but I figure that was the growling I have always answered to and over did things.  Yesterday, I listened to it and then drank water and that calmed it a bit until I was able to get home and eat something more healthy.

Pretty sure it will happen again to day, but I am prepared to let it be.  Do you think with time it will be less aggressive or am I in for a hurtin'? 

The exercises were KILLER.  I still feel them today.  Hubby, got up on his birthday and did them with me...not sure if he's going to make it a repeat performance...he's in bed right now begging me not make it get out of bed and be "tortured" again...He's getting up!!!  We are in this together.

What are your thoughts so far folks?

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