Friday, November 18, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Days 12-14} I'm doing it and it's working!!

Missed DAYS!!!!  How did that happen. 

Anyway all is GREAT.  I am feeling so good.  Last night I went to Zumba with a gal pal and it was so much fun, especially doing it with someone you know.  My toe didn't like it so much but my hips sure did!!!  I see how people get hooked on it.

Fit2fat2fit is so much fun and I am seeing a lot of success.

I am getting excited to step on the scale tomorrow!!

I think I need to post pics of my weekly progress...What do you think? {It's only week 2 and I see changes!!!}

To help me be more physically active, I signed up to be on a team for a 5K.  Wondering if I should wear my Getting {figure}d Out T-shirt?

I feel so positive today!!

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