Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Day 19} Falling and Getting Back Up...HELP

This week so far I have not felt like the lbs. have been moving as quickly, but 5 lbs. is one week is a lot, right? And that pace REALLY could not have continued, right? 

I couldn't wait until Saturday, so I stepped on the scale an I have gained 1 lbs. of the 5 I lost back...and I know exactly how I got it back.

Yesterday, I made a dessert for my Spanish class and my intention was to "just" share with them not partake.  I partook and then last night, my little one decided it was opposite night for dinner and so dessert was on the menu.  I made peach cobbler for "dinner." 

As a matter of fact, it's 10 til 6am and I hear my hubby warming some up in the kitchen right now!!  I will hold my ground and not eat any...not because I am trying to "deprive" myself, more like, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I want to be able to enjoy it and "not deprive" myself.  Deprivation doesn't work anyway.

So I have fallen and I am getting back up.  Does anyone out there have any words of encouragement?...I need some right now. 


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