Monday, February 13, 2012

Journey 2 Fit {91-102} 100+ days on this "trip"

This has been the most insightful experience thus far.  I have learned more about my own limitations and how I need to respect them. 

Limitations should not be seen as just stuff you "can't" do but in my humble opinion, they should be viewed as "check points."  They are there to make you aware of your abilities and capabilities.  They demand and require RESPECT.

The "check points" I have seen in myself are:
  • Not running faster than you have strength for.
  • Not doing the easy thing just because it is easy (This one was an extremely eye opening lesson.  I have to do a separate post on that)
  • To shut my mouth and just listen and hear.  (There is a great deal you can learn in silence)
And the list can go on.

My journey is not done.  I have pit stops along the way.  I would love company, but you can only get on the ride when it is your time.  And that's another thing I have learned in these 100+ days.  This trip is a long one and those who get on to support you eventually have to get off the train to deal with their stuff.  But others may join you.  Yet and still, there are others whom you will pass by who are not ready for the trip. 

And that's okay.

When you are ready, I will be here for you to support you along the way.

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