Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What do I do?

But here's the deal.  I am struggling a little with trying to make sure I am eating the right things.  The one thing I have always hated about making a lifestyle change is the psychotic feeling I have about what I am putting in my mouth.  When I know I've made the wrong choice I get depressed then I blow it all to smithereens (what a word!)

I have found that when I am doing the right thing I am so neurotic about it that I end up making myself sick, by not eating all of calories I'm suppose to it.  

Does anyone have any tips as to how or what to eat to make me feel full and satiated and not guilty for eating all of it?  And how to not drive myself crazy with measuring and counting, etc.  

I have been doing myfitnesspal.com  and it is wonderful (I'm listed as nakiasyree, if you ever want to try and friend me), but I am afraid that I am not doing something right.

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