Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Starting to Spread!!

I have been thinking about my weight a lot these days.  But what I have noticed is that my sweet husband is gaining weight.  Not really sure if it is due to cooking...his lack of physical activity...etc...

But the one think I do know is that I can't let him end up like me.  I feel so much like a whale and I am trying so may avenues to get better. 

The most important thing to me is that we are here for our boys and each other.  They say that the mom is the the #1 key to the health of the family.  I have to agree.  I am not as active as I should or want to be.  And I can give a ton of excuses, but the fact is, I have to be better and do better for my family.

This year I have not trained or ran a 5k.  And I must say that is one of the one things I really liked doing. 

It is suppose to be really helpful if you do it with someone else.  I think I am going to sign my husband and me up for one.  He may not like it, but here is my effort to help us both and I think I will make a meal calendar for the family.

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