Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Lessons from the Wingback

Lesson #1:
  • Life will soil you.  But that doesn't mean that you can't be cleaned up.
Lesson #2:
  • As long as you have "strong bones" ~character~ there is still much for you to do and support.
Lesson #3:
  • What counts is, what's happening on the inside.  When I was tearing down the outside of the chair my whole goal was to see what was going on underneath.  It was messy getting there.  Some staples were strong and didn't want to let loose, but patience and not giving up won out.  So when I saw what was underneath was not "bad," it really made me think the same about myself both physically and spiritually.  Yes, there is work to do, but it is very doable
Lesson #4:
  •  Slight changes can make a huge differences, so although I thought that I knew what I was doing, I found that I was unpicking seams and redoing things.  All because I was not following the "pattern" ~the guide~.  We have guides all around us to help with our health, our emotions, our finances, our relationships, our spiritual well being, etc.  Are we listening to them?  This does not mean we have to follow them, just hear them out and take what we can use and apply.  We don't always have the right least I know I don't.
Lesson #5:
  • Getting to the "root" of things requires WORK!  I saw and felt that, as sweat formed on my brow with the hours I put into getting beyond the surface.
Lesson #6:
  • Everyone needs a break, a timeout, a respite.  This is does not mean you can just forget what needs to be done next, but take a breather and sit with/appreciate your accomplishments thus far.
Lesson #7:
  • Get back to it.  NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING UNDONE!  In the words of my father, "Don't do a half-assed job!" 
Lesson #8:
  • Putting it all back together takes as much patience and work as ripping it up.  Family discord, broken friendships, marital strain, all take time to rebuild and make better, but it can be done and be made even more beautiful than it was originally (I've done it and because I am not perfect still doing it).  NOT THE SAME, BUT SO MUCH BETTER.
Lesson #9:
  • "It" doesn't have to be fancy or expensive.  "It" can be old.  "It" can be dirty. "It" can have it's problems.  yet, "It" STILL HAS VALUE!!
Lesson #10:
  • Share your talents.
I know many of you only know me a little, but I sincerely thought of you and others as I went through this process of "rebuilding" this chair.  I know we all have had things in our life that has soiled us, or we've done some things we are less than proud of.  We've hurt others, ourselves, etc. etc., but we can be better and many of us are.  Congratulations!!!  I know all of you are a good people, I've seen it in the past or I am getting to see it now in many of you.  I know you have worked hard to be where you are by making decisions that have affected you, spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially etc. 

I know I still have much to learn and hopefully share.

In the end, you all have value to me. Thanks so much for being my friend.

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