Thursday, June 9, 2011


Since my last post I have been looking at "diets".  And of course I don't have to look to far for the "best" one. 

There is the Atkins Diet, which scares me with all the fat in it.~Don't think I will be trying that one.  The Dukan Diet, which I haven't tried but very curious about.  Weight Watchers, wasn't that successful with it.  I was on Phentremine (just half of the phen-phen), it worked and gave me energy, but eventually it wained.  I have to admit, I did the bulimic thing for a while, but when I learned about the ruining your teeth info, that ended that.  Myfitnesspal was the best one, not because I lost a lot of weight, but that it really was a lifestyle change program that made you accountable and with the social network of friends and kept me on track, but I let go of that when school started to get hectic.

Heck I even thought that once I had my breast reduction the fat would just go too...Nope didn't happen.  So with all of that what have learned. 

Healthly weight is a life-long journey.  You are only done when you're dead.  And if I don't get this under control I will have cut my journey short.  I will have given up.  And I need to finish.

But what do I do?  Do I see a surgeon and ask him or her how much I would need to lose for them to do the rest...or at least rid me of the leftover skin.  Do I workout 5-6 hours a day like the Biggest Losers, which I actually tried out for TWICE, and was told NOT BIG ENOUGH!!!"  Are they kidding!?!?  Do I just continue with my plithera of workout videos: Insanity, DWTS, Taebo etc.?  Pay some enormous amount of money to a personal trainer, that I can't afford?  Or do I accept that this is, what it is?

This is hard...not knowing which way to go and not really seeing any help coming my way.

Support anyone?  Anyone out there willing to be my professional personal trainer/nutritionist, for free and make me your project?  Let me be your success story.  I'm willing to give you a try if you are willing to be dedicated to helping me get on track and lose this weight so I can be here for my kids and husband.

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