Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh NO...Not the RIDES!!!

Being overweight carries with it so many mind games.  Often I think that I can't fit onto this ride.  Or I will have to buy an extra seat on a flight.  This is very hard to accept that you are or may be that big.  Even when it is not the case, as I have not reached the level of unhealthy, it is still something that races through my mind EVERYDAY!!!

I can hardly "weight" for the day when I don't think about my weight.

Today is not that day....anyway....

Yesterday, the family went to Lagoon Amusement Park.  It was fun in the end, but the thought of riding the rides...okay fitting on the rides was not fun, really down right nerve racking.

I did ride all the rides.  And enjoyed them too.  Still I was uncomfortable thinking that everyone would breakdown because of me.  Just thinking of the humiliation of being told either, "Sorry Ma'am your just to BIG," had me sweating the pounds off as I stood there.  Luckily, that never happened. 

But I did see if happen to one lady who was on the ride and two of the operators tried to latch her in the ride but couldn't.  Shamefully, she got off the ride and her young daughter rode the ride without her in complete terror. 

That was the saddest thing I have ever witnessed and I don't want to be that lady.

As side note.  The husband noticed that he was getting a bit pudgy.  He is, but I hope that I can help him curb the situation before it turns into my problem.  At the moment, he only needs to lose about 20lbs.

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