Monday, December 5, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Day 30-31} Fear is NOT an excuse to quit

This morning I slacked and didn't get up to workout.  Not because I was tired or it was cold, but doubt has begun to flood my mind.  It is Day 31 of my journey and I feel stronger and healthier, but I am a visual creature, I WANT and NEED to see concrete numbers.

So just a little bit ago I went to check in on fit2fat2fit to see what exercises I will be doing this week as this new month brings new challenges....and I got scared.

First thoughts,  Oh NOOOO, I can't do this!  Then I kept reading Drew's post and in all caps he said, FEAR IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO QUIT

Can you believe, I actually placed my head in my hands and cried.  I was going to quit.  It was like Drew was calling me on my crap. 

I can't quit.  This is just the beginning of the change.  This opportunity is a blessing.  I have the benefit of a personal trainer, dietitian and coach ALL FOR FREE.  And I was going to throw it away because of  FEAR and a CHALLENGE.

What the hell was I thinking!?!  I just have to keep digging.  Even when I am tired and it is frustating...KEEP DIGGING!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what the hell are you thinking. Did I just tell you I so tire of not finishing and you have the nerve to talk about quitting. YES, I am your mother and I can tell you that is not a good ideal. You are so stable in all aspects of your life and we have let fear, frustration and fat stops us both in our track. We are going to look this thing right in the face and tell it NO MORE and do what we need to do to get off this yo-yo. YOU CAN'T QUIT AND PULL DON'T QUIT AND READ IT. LOVE MA

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