Sunday, December 11, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Days 35-37} Weigh In #5

I was a bit leery to get on the scale this morning.  But I had lost 1/2 a lbs. 

Lately, my mind has been spinning with all of the doubt from last week.  But what I think I have learned is that when a woman is getting close to that time of month, our bodies are experiencing something.

I know for me, my cravings go through the roof and I begin to feel sluggish and seem to drag.  It is truly a hard time for me.  I know I tend to hold on to fluid that seems to never leave for about a week.

Workouts are harder and I don't feel the motivation like I usually do, with that said, I SUCKED at last weeks workouts.  I did them have hearted and I know the 1/2 lbs. loss result is due to that, but a new week is coming!!  And new challenges.

Next week I am going to visit my dad in Virginia and I am hoping that I will have time to CTR (Choose the Right) meals and find the time to get in my exercises.  This should be fun never the less.  I am hoping to get at least one run in on the beach.  I HOPE!!!!

I am still pressing forward.

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