Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Journey 2 Fit {Day 32} That was WORK!!!

FOR ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY!!!!!  Yesterday's workout almost killed me!!!!  I have been so focused and worried about a stinkin' PLATEAU, I had no idea what was ahead.

I could only get through 1 Exercise. Before I knew it, I had to do them again to complete the rest.  Today is that day!!!!  I have to finish yesterday's exercises and still do 30 min. of running/walking. 

Today, I got on the scale and the number increased by one.  THAT PISSED ME OFF!!!!  But not to point of quitting...to the point of having a stronger resolve!!!!!!  Oh I have learned that I will not be looking at the scale daily...my son was doing that and I had to put an end to that...so what is good for the gander is good for the goose...NO MORE sneaking a peek at the scale until WEIGH-IN Saturday.

I am a WINNER!!!

...and working for a valiant goal never really hurt anyone.

My Goal:  A healthier me for ME & my family.

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